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The Daniella Simone Keisha (DSK) Group is a Non-Profit Organisation that caters to the removal and placement of victims of the LGBTQIA and GBV communities and Pet Care and the prevention of cruelty.
The DSK Group was founded in October 2010. It was identified that there were no LGBTQIA and GBV Organisations on the North Coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal. As a result, the teenagers and adults of the LGBTQIA communities and the woman who were victims of gender-based violence from disadvantaged communities had no access to support or assistance.

The DSK Group registered with the Social Development Department of South Africa, registration number NPO 221-939, on the 31st of January 2019. Our Income Tax Exemption was approved on the 16th of September 2021, and our Public Benefit Organisation number is 930072307.
We offer unique services to victims of the LGBTQIA community and Gender-Based Violence as they have limited alternatives when seeking safety and assistance. The lack of aid is evident in the number of calls, referrals, and cases the DSK Group takes on. These cases include:
• women who are brutally beaten for being lesbian
• pregnant women who are traumatised and abused
• individuals who are victims of either sexual or physical abuse
• domestic violence victims
• suicidal teens whose families shun them because of their LGTBQ status
Help in the form of counseling by clinical psychologists, transport, removal and placement of victims, food hampers, care packs, educational development, and rehabilitations are arranged for victims. We believe that every person has equal rights as a human being. They should not be discriminated against and subjected to violence based on their colour, gender, sexual orientation, or background.

The vision of the DSK Group is:
• To mentally, physically, and emotionally equip teenage and adult LGBTQIA victims with the skills they require to reach their full potential after abuse.
• To ensure that all GBV victims reach their full potential after being placed in a safe environment conducive to healing.
• To remove all abused animals from harmful environments and place them in fully functional shelters and loving homes.

Our mission is to ensure that every LGBTQIA individual and survivor of Gender-Based Violence; regardless of race, background, sexual orientation, ability, or circumstances, can live in a free, safe, and loving environment that is conducive to learning, development, and rehabilitation without fear, prejudice and violence.

Let’s build something big together